Book Nick to brighten up your next event. From hard hitting motivational messages, to light hearted adventure anecdotes. Nick can tailor his talk to every occasion. Get in touch.
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Over 200 talks with audiences from 50 to 4000 

Nick's passion for running is clear, but his meaningful topics are the basis of some truly inspirational messages too. He covers areas such as understanding potential; embracing failure; perseverance and determination, and how to value the time we have on our planet. His personal stories bring these issues to life with enthusiasm and character. Nick may be a runner first and foremost, but his messages reach further. He’s not on a crusade to get everyone into lycra, but simply to spread the message that everyone, regardless of age, background, and commitments can excel at anything they put their minds to.

Suggested Topics

Team Building

The Power of Your Mind

Privilege of Time

Fear of Failure

Potential and it's Problems

Courage and being Bold

Resilience is King

Logistical Challenges

The Planet and You

Nutrition and Analysis

Endurance and Marathons

 What does Nick talk about? 

Nick is well versed in speaking at a variety of events from brand launches, awards nights, away days, and informal intimate gatherings. Although Nick is an athlete - his talks are not exclusively focused around running. In fact his passion is about igniting the spark of adventure and generating an energy to be set free in all we do. Life is short, precious and Nick will use his words to highlight the path to use your time with intent.


Nick’s world first expedition to become the first and only person to run a marathon (26.2 miles) in every country on the planet, means his depth of knowledge and experience of the world is vast. Using his expeditions as a back bone, Nick tells an army of eclectic anecdotes to inspire any audience. Some events require a tailored approach - for example a team building away day. Nick can speak of his experiences with planning, failures, and affective leadership.

 Is Nick a motivational speaker? 

Yes and no. Nick isn’t keen on the phrase of motivational speaker because he’d rather be known as a story teller. Speaking from the heart Nick shares stories to inspire.

 Is Nick available for one off events? 

Yes, one off events, low key private events or big festivals are all possible. After dinner speaking at key corporate functions are often a huge success.

 How long does Nick talk for? 

Nick will speak for as much or as little time as you wish. His standard talk offers 40 minutes of speaking with 20 minutes for Q & A. After the event Nick often stays for book signing and a meet and greet.

 Does Nick just talk about running? 

Nope, not at all. Nick likes to think of running as the vehicle that powers him through the stories and adventures he experiences. What happens on the adventures is what causes learning from failure, difficulties, and ultimately a lot of brilliantly inspiring stories. Running is a focus, but often becomes the backdrop to a bigger picture.



 Will there be videos and photos? 

Yes, plenty, lots actually. Nick is rather good with a camera and so will illustrate many stories with stunning photography. Videos, memorabilia and trinkets from around the world will make an appearance.

 How much does it cost? 

The cost varies. It’s best to speak to Nick’s team. Yasmin arranges all Nick’s speaking events and can offer you the best price for your event.

 How do I book Nick? Early booking? 

The more notice the better. Nick is often booked 4 months in advance. To book just email Yas. Yas books all Nick's events. She will be able to help you -

 Is there an information pack? 

Yes, just email and request some more information.

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"We welcomed Nick to speak to the Global Procurement Team at Heineken in Amsterdam. Nick has an authentic speaking style and an easy ability to connect to his audience, coupled with a very inspiring story to tell. We could have happily listened to his story all afternoon, it is an amazing achievement."

 Catherine Dawson - Global Procurement Team at         Heineken

"Nick is an incredibly inspiring speaker. He delivered a very popular and engaging talk as part of the National Running Show this year. He is a great guy, that’s in the midst of achieving something truly extraordinary, and yet he manages to speak in a way that is relatable and accessible to everyone. We’ve already re-booked him for next year. Thank you Nick."

Mike Seaman, Managing Director, National Running Show

"Nick is a hugely inspiring figure and an exceptional storyteller. At a pivotal moment of global political, social and environmental turmoil, Nick’s running expedition has given him a very unique view of the world and our place within it – the common bonds we share and the challenges we face as an international community, and the individual differences and cultural characteristics we should celebrate and protect. Nick’s passion is infectious, and he has the ability to share his extraordinary experiences with warmth, humour and humanity, and to make you feel as though you were right there with him every step of the way."

Henry Vines - Editor at Penguin Publishers

"Some of the children said that this was their best assembly ever at the school. My own daughter came home very excited about her bleep test and made me take her to the park where she did 4 more tryouts and made me time her. Another parent had said that her boys kept on chatting about Nick since they arrived home from school. The parents I talked to afterwards were incredibly impressed, both with Nick’s journey (which is jaw dropping and beyond normal human ability) and also with his very approachable and relaxed personality. Thank you very much Nick for spending the day at the school and inspiring the children to follow their dreams and not give up on them even when the situation might not be in their favour."


Parent of Child whose school Nick visited, March 2020

"Our amazing guest speaker Nick Butter inspired us with his mentality and journeys taken to achieve his goal of running the world."

Jo Parkin - Assistant to CEO at Alpro

"He has enough stories for a life time. Inspired. Thank you Nick. We will be recommending to our friends. His photos are beautiful too. Thank you, and thank Nick."

Theatre Tour guest, March 2020