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I was once trapped behind a desk , and now I am not.

With the help of many brilliant people, 8 years ago I found the courage to jump from office life into the world of running and endless adventure. I went from mundane to mountains, from desk to danger.  The value of life hit me square in the face - and now I'm living every day with gratitude, the open road, and a whole lot of unknowns. Our time here is precious.

Goodbye worries, work and weekends, and hello to hills, hope, and happiness.

If I’m lucky enough to get to the point in life where I’m old and grey, chatting with my grandchildren, I want to know I’ve explored every inch of the planet. I want to have exhausted every ounce of my potential, challenged myself beyond comprehension and leave the planet knowing I did everything in my power to make the best use of my time; to love, to work hard, and to spend as little time as possible in the so called comfort zone.


I believe that it’s the crazy things, the things that no one else is doing, and the things that we’re afraid to do… which are exactly the things that leave a positive mark on the world.

Today is a privilege, tomorrow is not a guarantee - what are you waiting for?


My primary reason for this site and my blog is for me; so I can look back when I’m old and grey and remember where my exploration started, the people I met, the pain I suffered and the resilience and lessons I learnt. But there’s also a lot more to it. Hopefully this will inspire some of you, hopefully this will kick start the understanding of just how great it is to run, explore, climb, swim…, to experience the great feeling of being out in the open with just you and some sweaty trainers (and clothes of course).


I hope you flick through the site and enjoy reading about my journey from a slow beginner jogger, to winning races, holding a medal collection, having thousands of photos and memories and importantly making a difference to all walks of life. Be it through charity fundraising or just a conversation that sparks something wonderful.

By exploring, trying new things, pushing myself and never sitting back and saying I’ve finished, I’ll hopefully be able to say I've left this world better than I found it.


I hope to inspire young minds, old minds, any minds; that we can all do our bit. Even if our ‘bit’ is just being grateful for today. Tomorrow is a maybe, today is a privilege, let’s go make the most of today. 


I strive to do good, be good, and succeed. Many people say running is an individual sport, but actually those of you that run, I’m sure you know, the running community is the biggest team sport that exists.



Name: Nick Butter

Born: August 1989

Where: Dorset, UK

Height: 6ft 

Weight: 67kg

Food: Steak

Drink: Cuppa tea

Book: Jupiter Travels

Quote: Bet set free

Home: Mercedes van


5KM - 17:24

10KM - 36:35

10 Miles - 57:18

1/2 Marathon - 01:22:45

Marathon - 02:53:57

100KM - 09:32

100 Miles - 20:52

24 Hour - 138 Miles

48 Hour - 221 Miles

Furthest - 351 Miles


Total marathon count: 828

Ultra distance: 89

Countries visited: 196 / 196

Marathons in: 196 / 196

Languages: 2

Expeditions: 4

World network: 4211

Strava runs: 1911

Carbon offset: 100%

Social Reach 2,200,000,000


United Kingdom




United States


Serra Leone

New Zealand



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