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Tales to inspire the next generation. Book Nick to speak at your school. From an hour, to an all day event. This is motivation with meaning, and a bucket load of worldwide perspective covering topics such as resilience, courage, failure, team work and more.
Motivational | Funny | Educational | Meaningful | Thought Provoking

 What does Nick talk about?

Depending on the age of the students Nick will discuss everything from the history of the marathon, to world politics, geography, religion, endurance and food. The principle aim for Nick’s events with young people is to share what he’s learnt and in turn ignite the spark within them. A message of valuing our time, doing more and respecting the planet and it’s people are a key focus. Nick is in a remarkable and very unique position to be able to tell the stories of the world first hand. Having visited every country in the world, and ran a Marathon in each of them, Nick will share his journeys that touch vast  differences of language, the diversity of cultures and races around the world.

 Are the talks available for all ages? 

Yes, from 5 and up. Using memorabilia from past expeditions in every country around the world, Nick will use these items to educate young people without it feeling like education. Nick believes that a lot of the negativity in the world today can be caused by a lack of understanding and context. Nick will use words, photos, videos, and props to send the message.

 Can Nick do a full day with us? 

Yes, Nick often attends small group workshops within schools to focus on key areas. Individual classroom visits, and PE lessons are among the most popular. Full school assemblies and parent teacher talks also go down well.

 What is the format? 

The format is totally flexible. A 2 hour window is needed to set up, speak, take questions and show photography. Photo books, easel stands, and big banners can be used if suitable. The standard format is a 40 minute talk, 20 minutes of Q & A followed by an extra hour or 3 to chat, sign books and speak to individuals about their goals.

 How much does it cost? 

For schools, fees can vary depending on the format of the day, the distance Nick has to travel and the duration of time spent in the school. Please get in touch with Yasmin. Yasmin handles all speaking enquiries. She can discuss the fee with you.

 Can Nick speak with parents or teachers? 

Yes, absolutely. Nick often speaks with families, teachers, parents and school staff as an evening event after the school visit.

 We want Nick to present an award - possible? 


Yes of course. Nick often does awards nights, physical running days, fairs, graduating ceremonies and a huge variety of events.

 Is there an information pack? 

Yes, but it's currently being updated. For more information, please contact Nick at

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