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The Group

Nick managed to turn his love of running into a career, and now one step further, Nick has numerous projects operating under his core team, aptly named '196 Group' - (named after the number of countries there are in the world - and his recent 'Running The World 196' expedition to run a marathon in every country).


Nick and his team have worked together for a number of years delivering various expeditions around the world. These projects always cover 3 key areas. Adventure, environment, and community. Whatever the challenge Nick will always deliver positive impacts in all 3 areas.



It's important that the communities Nick runs through, be it at home or abroad are not only included and supported, but are understood, and involved in the journey. Most of the fun in these challenges, is, after all, in the journey not the finish line. Nick has learnt that people have such potential for positive change - so much so he's set up The 196 Foundation to enable all of us to support communities around the world with a simple donation. Read more at If you're a runner or not, Nick is always keen for more running buddies. Get involved. Nick's motto is 'Give back more than you take'


Supporting the planet through projects such as re-wilding, solar grids, ocean plastic initiatives, hydro, wind, and many more, has never been easier. Each challenge Nick takes on will either be carbon neutral or even better - carbon negative. This is thanks to support from Gold Standard and many other environmental partners.

Nick is keen to learn more about the ways to support the planet, and will in turn share this knowledge through speaking events, school visits, and of course, social media. We can all do our little bit. Nick launched his environmental initiative 'Free Your Footprint' to help every runner become more aware of the environmental needs of the planet, and importantly have a hub of information and projects to support - all through the simple act of running. Find out more at the Free Your Footprint Strava club HERE


Without adventure, expeditions and challenges, everything else would not have been possible. Nick is proud to have embarked on the journey to transform running from a passion into a career - this has enabled the creation of his charity, environmental projects, and thousands of likeminded planet friendly friends around the world. With every challenge Nick encounters hardships, sacrifice and suffering, but all with a purpose - to elevate the global issues that need support. Nick started his running journey supporting  cancer charities and to learn more about himself. Nick now supports a dozen non-profits working to help communities around the world, and has a voice to support positive change within the running and travel community. Who said running was a solo sport. With a bit of imagination and determination - running can be a force for good. Nick thanks all who have supported his charitable endeavours and applauds those who spend as much of their time as possible away from the comfort zone.




The largest adventure grant in the world with no returns on investment. Nick set up The Adventure Grant to support fellow adventures get their big idea off the ground. 'TAG' will launch in late 2021. One adventurer will receive a one-off grant of £20,000 per year. 
The 196 Foundation supports charities, groups, individuals, and non-profits worldwide. The concept is simple. The foundation asks for £1.96 per month as a recurring donation. Each year the charity supports one cause. It could be something small like a wheelchair for a neighbour, or maybe something bigger like building a school. The best bit? The donors vote on the cause that is supported.

THE 196





The more you run, the more you help the planet. Free Your Footprint aims to be the environmental hub for runners around the world. Nick and his team have partnered with a number of non-profits to support carbon offsetting, reduction of ocean plastics, a way for runners to support the planet simply by running.
One high quality magazine per year celebrating those who dare to adventure. Capturing 52 profiles each year with stunning photography, The Adventure Annual tells the stories of adventure through the eyes of those who took on the challenge. Launching Jan 2022





Nick has made a name for himself by taking on independent running expeditions around the world. These challenges are the basis of environmental work, charity outreach and a force for good. Running the planet for the planet, and its people. To get involved please contact Nick using the button below.
The Team


Nick's running expeditions, environmental work, and his non-profit The 196 Foundation are supported by these lovely people. If you'd like to join Nick's team please contact Yasmin Li on

Danny Ryan

Free Your Footprint



Nicole Hüpen-Johnson

Free Your Footprint



Annabelle Richards

The 196 Foundation



Andy Swain




Vendangi Kulkarni



Position Available
Free Your Footprint


Bella Mitchell

196 Foundation

Social Media


Ela Antosiewicz 


Social Media


Maggie Gellersjo




Chris Debney 

Director &


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