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24 hours, 122 miles on a treadmill with the TV stuck on the news channel, on mute.


A huge thanks for all the support running my 24 hour treadmill challenge, I’ll be attempting a week on a treadmill in the near future.
M I thought it would be a good idea to stick myself in a hot gym, on one of the nicest days of the year, and run for 24 hours and see how far i could get. The main attraction for this was to test the non physical side of running, the mental toughness to continue when faced with boredom. I can confirm the boredom of running for 3 hours on a treadmill let along a whole day was going to be good practice for other mind challenging races. Needless to say it was boring.
My aim was to reach 120 miles, which i did, and with relative ease. I had fantastic support. Nuffield gym, who also sponsor me and give me access to train let me use their gym as home for a day. I was joined by gym friends throughout the 24 hours, to keep me company, provide me drinks, keep me sane, and confirm i was actually there and running. Special thanks to Dani who stayed with me all night, unbelievable. And also to those who did a few hours with me overnight, coming in at 3am on a Friday morning was a big ask. We raised about £4000 for Cancer Research on the day and much more online. Plus I learnt that running on a treadmill with nothing to watch other than the BBC news channel on mute wasn’t the brightest idea. A long old 24 hours.
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