Nick Butter

British Endurance Athlete,

Speaker, Author and fundraiser

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Meet Nick

Broken bones, muggings at gunpoint, being locked up, attacked by dogs, shot at, the list continues... The endless tales of perseverance and resilience led this man to accomplish a dream.

The first man to run a marathon in every country in the world.


On November 10th 2019 Nick took the title as the first and only person to run a full marathon distance in every country in the world, and did so in just 23 months. He and his bag travelled alone for 674 days, running 2 or 3 marathons in 2 or 3 countries, every week, for 96 weeks. This huge world record came after over 44,000km of previous crazy expeditions, years of training and plenty of set backs. And he's not stopping there...

UK Theatre Tour 2021

07.03.20     The Electric Theatre - Guildford

08.03.20     Theatre Royal - Bighton

23.03.20     The Blake Theatre - Monmouth

25.03.20     Night of Adventures - London

26.03.20     Princess Theatre - Torquay

07.04.20     The Mayfair - London

08.04.20     The Old Bakery Studios - Truro

14.04.20     The Witham - County Durham

16.04.20     Stafford Gatehouse Theatre - Stafford

18.04.20     Pyramid and Parr Hall - Warrington

24.04.20     The Lights - Andover

27.04.20     Waterside Theatre - Aylesbury

27.05.20     Palace Theatre - Southend on Sea

Due to Covid we've moved all theatre tour dates to 2021 (and added many more)

Tickets to the 80+ speaking events across the UK, and Europe will be on sale very soon.

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An evening with Nick Butter.


On January 6th 2018, Nick Butter set out to achieve what had never been done. To run a marathon in every country in the world. In just 674 days he returned exhausted, broken, but triumphant, and with a vast collection of tales to leave you open mouthed.

Very few people dare to simply visit every country. Those who do, take years, or a life time. Nick ran 26.2 miles (42km) in all 196 countries on earth. He did so in just 23 months. Battling war zones, wild time differences and over 100 degrees of temperature variation, he ran in every nation, faced muggings, dog attacks, border bribes, over 80 cancelled flights, and spent his life in 3 day cycles. Run, Rest, Travel, repeat, until the job was done. Pictures really do paint a thousand words. His photography is exceptional; a real glimpse into the vast diversity of our world.

Sharing photography, film, and outrageous tales Nick's talks are utterly captivating and will certainly leave you inspired; if a little fidgety for adventure. Not to be missed.

Warning - Talk may cause you to quit your job. Nick takes no responsibility of loss of income

Nick is a hugely inspiring figure and an exceptional story teller. Nick's passion is infectious, and he has the ability to share is extraordinary experiences with warmth, humour, humanity, and to make you feel as though you were right there with him every step of the way.




Penguin Publishers

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Nick Butter Italian Grand Tour
Running The World 196
Marathon Des Sables
Run With The Sun
London to Paris
24 Hour Treadmill
3000KM Challenge
Ireland Malin to Mizen
The Caribbean Nevis
The Arctic Circle
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From the blog

Since 2010 Nick has kept a detailed running diary, capturing the ups and downs of a life in sweaty running gear. The places he visits, the people he meets, and the photos he takes. Browse his weekly posts by clicking the link below. Subscribe and join the 500,000 strong readership.

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Runing The World 196 Highlights Reel

Pre Order

'Running The World'

Publisher: Penguin Publishers

Publishing Date: 2020

Author: Nick Butter

Audio Book Voice: Nick Butter

Nick's latest epic adventure; a journey to be the first person to run marathon in every country in the world. 674 days after leaving home, he returns triumphant and with a global dollop of context and perspective. 

note - this is a mock up. The book cover and name will be different. The book is entitled Running The World and will appear on Amazon soon.

Keynote Speaking

"Refreshing, talented and fascinating, Nick will inject a breath of fresh air into your event as he delivers an uplifting presentation – peppered with humour and illustrated with stunning photography and astonishing video – to motivate, energise and enthuse"

HOC - Lloyds Banking Group

"Nick is a hugely inspiring figure and an exceptional storyteller. At a pivotal moment of global political, social and environmental turmoil, Nick’s running expedition has given him a very unique view of the world and our place within it – the common bonds we share and the challenges we face as an international community, and the individual differences and cultural characteristics we should celebrate and protect. Nick’s passion is infectious, and he has the ability to share his extraordinary experiences with warmth, humour and humanity, and to make you feel as though you were right there with him every step of the way."

Editor - Penguin Publishers

Events | Corporate | Schools | After Dinner | Wellness Seminars 

Nick's passion for running is clear, but his meaningful topics are the basis of some truly inspirational messages too. He covers areas such as understanding potential; embracing failure; perseverance and determination, and how to value the time we have on our planet. His personal stories bring these issues to life with enthusiasm and character. Nick may be a runner first and foremost, but his messages reach further. He’s not on a crusade to get everyone into lycra, but simply to spread the message that everyone, regardless of age, background, and commitments can excel at anything they put their minds to.

Team Building
The Power of Your Mind
Privilege of Time
Fear of Failure
Potential and it's Problems
Courage and being bold
Resilience is King
Logistical Challenges
The Planet and You
Nutrition and Analysis
Endurance and Marathons




Contact Nick & Team

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 Thank You Sponsors 

Without sponsors the missions Nick undertakes wouldn't be possible. A huge thank you to Nick's past and present backers. If you'd like to support, sponsor or get your business involved in his future expeditions please email

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