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Nick can help you plan your next adventure. Nick's contact's around the world, plus his experience of various embassy protocols, visa requirements, and safety will come in handy. Not to mention the pitfalls he's learnt from. Be it a holiday or a world wide expedition. Nick is happy to help fellow travellers. Just get in touch.
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 What's 'Travel & Adventure Planning'?

Travel and adventure planning is all about using Nick's knowledge to serve your upcoming project, holiday or trip. From the simple stuff like knowing which airline is the most child friendly, or offers the best points of your Amex, or maybe how to acquire access to North Korea, to the more detailed planning of managing budgets, pulling an expedition team together... the list goes on. If its logistics, planning or travel - Ask Nick.

 How can Nick help? 

Nick offers a very simple but hugely valuable service. His expeditions have taken him to every country in the world. This alone gives him a huge network of native support, first hand experience and a world wide network of contacts dealing with visas, security, embassies, and the tiny details that often get forgotten.


Along with this, Nick has 11 years professional experience managing multi million pound projects, which range from house builds ,trans-continental expeditions and European banking law (in his previous life before running).

If you need an expedition planning, project manager, or a friendly face to discuss potential pitfalls of an upcoming road trip or holiday, Nick is the man.

 How much does it cost? 

This is the best bit. You pay what you think it's worth. Nick offers this to spread what he's learnt and help others avoid mistakes he's made. If you're super happy with his support then a few hundred pounds is the maximum he will accept. Or if you'd like to give to his charity 'The 196 Foundation' he'd be very grateful.

 Is there an information pack? 

Yes, but it's currently being updated. For more information, please contact Nick on He is always willing to get stuck in and help.

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