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Level up your running. If you've never attempted a mile, or if you're looking to do your first ultra marathon. Nick can use his experience to support you. Nick is not a professional coach, and so he brings a real world view of training; and it works.
Highly Detailed | Educational | Effective | Well Put Together | Supportive

 What is running coaching? 

Running coaching can be everything from side by side in person training, to goal setting, over the phone training plans or simple one off advice. Coaching works best over a prolonged period of time, and Nick understands that life sometimes gets in the way of training.

 How does it work? 

If you’d like Nick to train you individually or as a group the first step is to explain your wants and needs over the phone. Give Nick a call and chat things through. After an initial chat Nick will arrange a face to face session to understand a baseline of fitness, set some targets and run through the basics of long term success planning. This is where putting a proper training plan together works well. This will be done with Nick in person. It will be developed as time goes on. Once in the groove, you can either be left to train following the plan or perhaps you’d like weekly or monthly face to face session to run together. This is available for all ages and works well with an open relationship. Nick often likes to have regular WhatsApp checkins with clients.

 Does Nick know what he's taking about? 

Nobody else has ran a marathon in every country in the world, and yet Nick has no formal training qualification. If that's what you're looking for, then that's not Nick. Experience is king in this world and he has experience in buckets, plus you may not know that Nick was a qualified ski instructor in a past life and so he has the skills to teach too. He has run over 40,000km in his life, with over 590 marathons to his name and helped train over 50 people since 2012. Nick is simply here to help you improve and enjoy the incredible world of running. 

 How much does it cost? 

What do you think it’s worth. For the initial few sessions, Nick doesn’t expect you to pay. A bit like a no win no fee policy, Nick wants you to feel value before you pay. Nick looks for long terms clients that work hard and mean business. If you’re up for a challenge with someone that knows what they’re talking about drop Nick and email and get started.

 What if I live in another country? 

That’s fine, Skype and planes have been invented so no problems there. Often a once a month Skype call is the best way to video chat and check out progress. Nick will hold all clients accountable to their plan. Putting together a training plan is one of the first steps - after that Nick will want to see you sticking to your plan.

 Can Nick help me with my diet? 

Nick won’t be feeding you personally, but he’ll be able to offer a shed load of advice. Diet is crucial for avoiding injuring, reaching goals and enjoying running pain affectively.

 Will we run together? 

If you want to, yes sure. Nick will be able to run with you if you arrange a date in advance. This is often part of the training plan.

 How do I book a session? 

Easy - just email nick on or WhatsApp him on +44 7745291591

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