Day 25 – Back on Top – 208.02km Complete – 2,791.98 to go

Yesterday’s 3 hour gently and enjoyable run was fantastic around Bristol Harbour and Clifton Downs – 21 miles and sore knees to show for it – but feeling god. Most importantly it set me up for a great Sunday run to remove the deficit of last weeks skiing trip.

Day 24 – fantastic weather and got a great photo of the Harbour – always nice to run in the sun on a cold day. 33.79km completed which left just a few more miles to be back on top and be ahead of schedule.

Day 25 – Very pleased to say I’m now 2.52km ahead of target and once again my running doesn’t have to be quite so intense. Lessons learnt – don’t go skiing for too long or i’ll pay the price when I come back. I’ve had a great hill 2 hours around the Devon hills, in the dark, cold, wind and mud. I’ve loved every second. I need to run 8.22km every day for 265 days so Day 25 should mean i have run 205.50 – in fact i’ve now hit 208.02. Slight ahead and feeling good for it.

After a nice stretching session and a warm bath i was back outside – but this time in my non running clothes. I still have my trainers on though. Can’t be completely away from running.

I now have just 1 week till the London Winter 10km and I’ve booked my hotel for London – oh and there’s a gym too. If anyone want’s to join me in London for a pre-race warm up then let me know. I’ll be there from early Saturday morning. Can’t wait to get my first event of 2015 under my belt. Not hoping for a PB but who knows.

Please remember i am putting myself through this long year of running to help raise £10,000 for British Hearth Foundation, VICTA, and Cancer Research so please help support me on twitter to raise my profile and also via justgiving. Thank You. #3000km

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