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'Running The World'

Publisher: Penguin Publishers

Publishing Date: 2020

Author: Nick Butter

Audio Book Voice: Nick Butter

Nick's latest epic adventure; a journey to be the first person to run marathon in every country in the world. 674 days after leaving home, he returns triumphant and with a global dollop of context and perspective. 

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Running The World by Nick Butter. Available on Amazon, UK Bookshop, Waterstones and in stores.


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Publisher: Self Published

Publishing Date: 2020

Words: Nick Butter

Photography: Nick Butter

Nick took over 400,000 photos on his world record setting run around the world. This large format coffee table style, photo book hold beautiful and moving images from every country in the world. If you'd like to pre order this book, please email

Here's a sneak peak at a few example pages from the book


Nick is pretty good with a camera. From his journey around the world he has a number of photography exhibitions throughout 2020. You can purchase prints from the exhibitions online via his photography website. or simply email him for more details. Here's an example of his work.

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