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World Record Attempt - North to South of Ireland in 3 days.


Failure - Tears - Learning


So my first world record attempt didn’t exactly go to plan… but failure is the best way to learn right. I WILL succeed... eventually. Pneumonia, horrible weather, and ultiuamtly not enough training let me down. One day this record will be mine.


Here’s the story of how I took on Ireland’s endurance record, attempting to run from Malin Head, the most northerly point in Ireland to Mizen Head, the most southerly. 345 miles in 3.5 days. A shout out to the great Mimi Anderson - she is one hell of a runner.

The current record stands at 3 days and 15 hours and 36 minutes. I hoped to beat the record by 3 hours finishing in 3.5 days. It wasn’t to be but I’ve learnt lot and next year will be my time.

Before I go on I must thank all of the fantastic supporters on route, all of those who beeped their horn, and all those who acted as official witnesses so I could prove the record. The Irish hospitality was unbelievably friendly, and I can’t wait to go back. And then there’s the team who supported me; with nearly 400 years of ‘life’ experience between them they held approximately 0 years of experience supporting a world record attempt… but they were FANTASTIC. Be it Physio, Doctor, Runner, or Navigator everyone pulled off a great support system. We spoke for a long time around how we can improve for next time, but in short, there really isn’t much room to improve. My appreciation and thanks for your support can’t be put into words… ‘thank you’ isn’t enough.


On top of all the support, cheers, and good wishes, a number of you put your hand in your pocket and donated to the great causes we were raising for. The British Heart Foundation, Prostate Cancer and Cancer Research thank you. Your kind generosity will not be forgotten.

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