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168 Miles - Capital to Capital - 38 hours, 51 minutes


168 Miles - 38 hours, 51 minutes. And no I didn't run the channel. I slept like a baby. Waking up to run along main roads was a challenge.

The rain came, the route wasn't particularly interesting but the things it taught me I'll have with me forever. My legs were not happy with me.


A slow and steady plod from one town to the next with a few stops for ice creams and a lunch, I stopped to sleep for 4 hours and continued through the night till the city lights came into focus.

One of the most memorable hallucinations of my life was seeing the Eiffel Tower in bright pink for about 4 hours when it wasn't possible to see any Paris buildings. My mind and my body were on the limit.

Image by Efe Yağız Soysal
Image by Chris Karidis
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