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Running The World 196 was dreamt up by Nick to achieve 3 things. Firstly the expedition had to be big enough, and crazy enough to grab the attention of the media in order to raise enough awareness and cash for Prostate Cancer UK. Running a marathon in every country in the world had never been done before - and now it has.


4 Years ago Nick met a brilliant man out in the Sahara Desert. Kevin and Nick were running the infamous MDS race through 280km of heat and sand. After the week long race was over Nick and Kevin had spent hour upon hour discussing everything from life, love, and everything in-between. Nick learnt the horrendous news that aged 49 Kevin was dying.


Diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer he was told he may only live for 2 more years. Kevin left a lasting impression on Nick because even in the face of death Kev was one of the happiest, friendly and warm hearted people he'd ever met. Nick was struck by the weird correlation between Kev's happiness and the fact he was dying.


Why was Kevin so happy? This is where the message really hit home. Kev was now alive, living rather than just existing, and was truly valuing his life. Kev said to Nick "Don't wait for a diagnosis". This of course had a huge impact and those words have been at the forefront of Nick's mind, attitude and life ever since. Many of us believe we will live to an old age and carry out our hopes and dreams later, tomorrow, or at retirement - many of us won't reach that. Your time is now has become Nick's mantra. This is the second reason this expedition was dreamt up. Nick listened to that advice and jumped off the cliff from office life, to a life of adventure. To live by Kev's example, Nick sold almost everything he had and ploughed every penny, and 2 years of planning just to reach the start line of this epic challenge on January 6th 2018.


Whatever Nick did from this moment on he vowed to go to sleep at night appreciating every day, falling asleep in the knowledge that he had done Kev proud. The friendship and inspirational bond that Nick and Kev have is incredibly strong and powerful - This leads on to the final point. Lastly the final reason for planning, executing, and accomplishing this dream of running a marathon in every country in the world was to leave a legacy - to shout Kev's words across the world so others can be inspired like Nick was. Nick wanted to create a platform to stand on and preach Kev's words. A legacy to Kev and to the power of daring to do what you love NOW.

Reaching his goal on 10th November 2019, Nick became the first and only person to run a marathon in every country in the world, in just 674 days. Nick now spends his days sharing this story to inspire others to be set free and live. Nick's school and theatre tour is now on.

Thank you to all 4000+ that have donated! 

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